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eBriefs – Novelty or Necessity?

Judge orders hyperlinked documents

One response I often hear from attorneys regarding why they don’t submit eBriefs is, “My brief doesn’t warrant an eBrief”. I used to just accept this at face value, but then I began asking myself, “What kind of brief does warrant an eBrief?” eBriefs have been around for quite some time, and in their infancy, […]

Wait, eBriefs Are How Easy?

eBriefs: Hyperlinked Legal Documents (PDF)

So you made the decision to submit a hyperlinked eBrief. Now what? First of all, congratulations on helping your judge, clerk or other trier-of-fact easily review your filing. In most cases, you and your team have put in countless hours actually writing the brief, and the thought of now preparing an eBrief is probably not […]