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Samantha Gill and Aaron Krigelski met in 1999 while working at TrialGraphix, one of the most sought after trial consulting and presentation services companies. Samantha focused on client management and customized solutions, and Aaron specialized in developing and preparing hyperlinked briefs. After several years of working together, the two recognized that their individual interests complemented each other’s. This ultimately led them to launch Strut Legal in 2011, and they haven’t looked back since. Samantha and Aaron agree that what has made their business thrive is the passion behind it. Choosing to specialize in a field as niche as hyperlinked briefs means being completely devoted to it. This is the energy that has set them apart and made them the industry leader for more than a decade.

Samantha Gill

Since beginning her career at TrialGraphix in the late 90s, Samantha has worked closely with clients to assess their needs, develop customized solutions, and prepare detailed and accurate budgets for projects of all sizes. She has been in the eBrief industry since its infancy and launched Strut Legal in 2011 to help increase awareness and acceptance of eBriefs for all types of litigation. Samantha’s genuine passion for client service has elevated Strut Legal to be the trusted eBrief provider for the world’s largest firms who know Strut Legal will always deliver quickly, accurately, and within their budget.

Aaron Krigelski

Aaron is truly an eBrief pioneer, preparing some of the first hyperlinked briefs ever submitted. Since that time, he has dedicated himself to researching the best available technologies to enable Strut Legal to stay at the top of their industry. The systems Aaron has created allow Strut to create accurate eBriefs in a fraction of the time most other companies require. In addition to leading the company’s production team, Aaron is constantly working to improve the product, systems, and delivery mechanisms that have established Strut Legal as a superior eBrief provider.

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