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An eBrief is an interactive version of your brief. It allows your reader to focus on the merits of your argument, rather than searching through individual PDF files in an e-filing platform or boxes of paper. Our experts create hyperlinks from your brief to all cited materials, both factual and legal. The links open to the exact page or section cited, and we also include access to the entire supporting file. An eBrief is created in a PDF platform, but we can also integrate other case documentation, such as video, Excel files, and PowerPoints.

With nearly 30 years of experience, we are the preeminent experts in this industry. Rely on Strut Legal to guide you through our simple logistical and submission process, and provide your judges and arbitrators with a fully-integrated, seamless review tool.

Custom Projects

For example, when you’re preparing an important reply or opposition filing, we can create a modified hyperlinked version of opposing counsel’s brief to help you review their citations and argument. We can skip some of the “bells & whistles” and simply link the factual citations, or any other variation that you may find helpful.

We also create hyperlinked versions of your draft briefs to provide your team with a more efficient tool for cite checking prior to filing.

Of course, these projects can be tailored to your needs; we can hyperlink as much or as little as you’d like. Give us a call to chat about how our expertise can help your case preparation. The possibilities are endless!

Interactive Reports

Similar to the hyperlinks in an eBrief, our team transforms expert reports into interactive versions. Hyperlinked expert reports have multiples uses. They are used by the authors and other experts in a matter in preparing for trial testimony. They are also part of the law firm’s arsenal when preparing for expert depositions. Finally, they are often submitted to a judge or arbitrator alone or as part of a larger eBrief with other filings.

Indices, Bundles and Closing Binders

Our team collaborates with you to create a well-organized, easily digestible platform for your collection of documents. Depending on the format of your materials, we will create a hyperlinked structure from the main document, such as an index, or we may create detailed navigation bookmarks to aid the readers’ review of a series of files.

Additional Services

While Strut Legal specializes solely in eBrief creation, if you need a referral for another service, let us know. During our 30+ combined years in the legal services industry, we have been fortunate enough to forge strong partnerships in the following areas:courtroom technology and presentation, hot seat operators, custom graphics and animation, court reporting, jury research, appellate printing, and translation services. We align with the best in the business and will gladly help you do the same!

A Strut Legal eBrief allows your reader to focus on the merits of your argument.

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