Who We Are

Welcome to Strut Legal. We are guessing that, like many, you sought us out because your judge or arbitrator(s) requested an eBrief or submission with hyperlinks, and you weren’t completely sure what that meant or where to turn.

You’ve come to the right place!

Strut Legal was founded in 2011 by eBrief pioneers Samantha Gill and Aaron Krigelski, who strongly believed in the need for a company dedicated exclusively to supporting the legal community through the creation of hyperlinked submissions. 

After spending more than a decade in the litigation services industry, they recognized there was no company focused solely on supporting both law firms and the courts with this increasingly requested service. Enter Strut Legal.

We create digital hyperlinks for many of the world’s top law firms

Today, the company’s vision of offering an exceptional product with unparalleled service at an affordable price has thrived, and Strut Legal is proud to be the provider of choice for many of the world’s top law firms and corporations as well as many smaller boutiques and sole practitioners.

Our Leadership Team

Samantha Gill


Aaron Krigelski,


What We Do

An eBrief is an interactive version of your brief. It allows your reader to focus on the merits of your argument, rather than searching through individual PDF files in an e-filing platform or boxes of paper.

Our experts create hyperlinks from your brief to all cited materials, both factual and legal. The links open to the exact page or section cited, and we also include access to the entire supporting file.

An eBrief is created in a PDF platform, but we can also integrate other case documentation, such as video, Excel files, and PowerPoints.

Advice About PDF Hyperlinks & E-Briefs

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