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Headquartered in Minneapolis, Strut Legal serves firms of all sizes across the entire globe. From Motions to Dismiss through Post-Trial briefing and Appeals, we are here for you through every phase of litigation. Whether you are a solo practitioner, lit support professional, paralegal, associate or partner in a large firm, we treat each client and project with the same superior level of service. We bring our experience and professionalism to every case we support and will customize each project to fit the needs of your specific case and client.

Strut Legal’s founders have been preparing eBriefs for decades.  Their dedicated team continues to research and explore the latest technologies available to better serve our ever-expanding client base.

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“Excellence is being able to perform at a high level over and over again. You can hit a half-court shot once. That’s just the luck of the draw. If you consistently do it… that’s excellence.”