We Do eBriefs In-House

Legal Digital Documents: e-Briefs

From time to time, we will get a response something like this when we speak with a potential client about creating an eBrief – “We don’t do them too often, and when we do, our in-house team handles them.” Lately we have been giving this comment some thought and wondering about a couple of things. First, why don’t you do them too often? Is it cost? Does it seem too flashy? Do you feel the case doesn’t warrant an eBrief? We have tackled these questions in other posts, which leaves us with the second part of the statement – “… our in-house team does them.”

Let me begin by saying I think litigation support personnel are some of the hardest working and smartest people I know. We have worked with groups from all across the country, and it has been a true pleasure time and again. As you are probably aware, they are often some of the busiest people in a firm. Assisting with e-discovery, managing databases, preparing for trial, handling vendors, making sure their processes are the most up to date, and myriad other responsibilities can be all-consuming, leaving little time for additional responsibility.

While most litigation support people are more than capable of creating an eBrief, the process usually takes at least a few uninterrupted hours. And if your firm doesn’t do eBriefs all that often, there can be a learning curve for each project which could add extra hours (read “money”) to what is typically a tight turnaround time frame. That is where an eBrief vendor can help. In most cases, a vendor can handle a project in a shorter amount of time, often for less cost, freeing the litigation support staff to devote their time to other critical tasks. We have recently had a number of clients actually do a cost analysis of the time and resources involved. To date, all have determined that it is actually more cost-effective to partner with a service provider for eBrief creation.

If you would prefer to send your eBrief projects out, we would be thrilled to partner with you. If your goal is to keep eBriefs in-house but you need help with systems and organization, we are here to help.Our goal is to understand the unique needs of your firm and provide the level of service you need.