Wait, eBriefs Are How Easy?

eBriefs: Hyperlinked Legal Documents (PDF)

So you made the decision to submit a hyperlinked eBrief. Now what? First of all, congratulations on helping your judge, clerk or other trier-of-fact easily review your filing.

In most cases, you and your team have put in countless hours actually writing the brief, and the thought of now preparing an eBrief is probably not very appealing. Enter the eBrief provider.

Choosing a provider doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. You primarily want to ensure that the end product will be intuitive and easy for both you and the Court to use, so be sure you have the chance to view a demo from any company you are considering. Costs can vary and should not be the only deciding factor.

Once a provider is chosen, there are just a few steps you’ll want to follow right away (1 and 2 below), and then you can get some sleep!

1) Let your provider know your filing date and inform them who their main contact will be in case they have questions along the way.

2) Once you have filed, send the materials to the provider. Anything that is cited will need to be sent. This includes all exhibits, transcripts, case law/authorities as well as any other cited document. In most cases the files are already in electronic form and can easily be transferred via an FTP or other file sharing program.

3) Depending on the size of the filing and your provider’s resources, you may see a draft of your eBrief within 24 hours. Good companies will do an initial quality control check and should also provide a proof for you to review. It’s always a good idea for those who prepared the brief to check the links and ensure they are directed to the correct documents.

If you have a couple of changes, the provider should be able to implement them quickly. They can then either send you the final version electronically for you to copy onto USB drives or as a link that can be emailed for download by the reader.

Pretty painless, right?

Creating an eBrief should never become a difficult and time-consuming process. In fact, choosing the right provider should result in a great experience that will lead you to have eBriefs created for all your filings!