The Not To Do List

I was recently introduced to the concept of the Not To Do list, and I love it. Basically, it’s as simple as looking at your To Do list each day to figure out what you can delegate – NOT because you want to take the day off, but so you can focus on where you excel.

For example, mowing the lawn, a chore I truly hate, was one of the first things I added to my Not To Do list. The loud noise, the grass clippings, the greening of my sneakers, half a Saturday wasted, and the dread of having to do it hanging over me all week – no thanks. Now every Thursday a crew shows up to the house to mow, edge, trim and clean up in less than an hour. What am I doing during that time? Generating revenue for my business and finding ways to improve my skills! My weekends are also now more open to spend time with my family (or working on a last minute eBrief request).

At Strut Legal, we feel pretty strongly that creating eBriefs should be on any attorney’s and litigation support team’s Not To Do list. Believe it or not, I recently saw an eBrief provider proclaim as a selling point that a small (200 links) eBrief can be created by a lawyer in a few hours using their software. Is this actually a success story they want to promote? So this lawyer spent several hours not fine tuning and wordsmithing his brief, not working to get new clients, and not servicing his current clients . If he was working on this after hours, he wasn’t enjoying downtime with family or friends. Bottom line – this is a service that he should have outsourced. The claim that he made his eBrief for only $100 doesn’t seem to add up. Sure he may have paid $100 to use the software, but focusing on only this amount values the attorney’s time at $0. Let’s assume the lawyer bills $250/hour. This makes the actual cost of this eBrief at least $600, likely closer to $1,000. 
That same eBrief, created by Strut Legal, would cost less than $1000 and could be completed in less than four hours with little to no attorney time required. So when it comes to hyperlinking, add it to your Not To Do List and free yourself up to focus on your strengths – being an awesome attorney or litigation support professional!