During our time in this industry, we have seen the acceptance of hyperlinked submissions for both arbitration and patent litigation skyrocket. Strut Legal prides itself on its extensive experience in both these areas.

International and Domestic Arbitration: Hyperlinked Legal Documents

Strut Legal is a trusted partner for many of the world’s top firms in international and domestic arbitration. Since launching in 2011, we have worked on well over 100 arbitrations across the globe. We prepare hyperlinked versions of submissions throughout the life of the matter, from Statement of Claim through Post-Hearing filings. Given the voluminous nature of many of these submissions, hyperlinking can be an invaluable tool both for the tribunal and the legal team.

Strut Legal has prepared eBriefs for arbitrations before the following bodies:

  • AAA
  • DIS
  • ICC
  • ICDR
  • ICPR
  • JAMS
  • LCIA
  • PCA
  • SIAC

If you are involved in an arbitration where hyperlinking may be beneficial, contact us today to get started!

Intellectual Property – eBriefs for patent legal matters

Strut Legal has prepared eBriefs for many patent matters in the busy venues of Delaware and New Jersey, as well as others. We partner with local and outside counsel to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively create your hyperlinked Summary Judgment, Claim Construction or Post-Trial eBrief. Once the work is complete, we coordinate with local firms to streamline delivery of your final product. When the parties agree, we are often called upon to assist both sides in order to provide the Court with a uniform, easy-to-use final product.

Our eBriefs have been submitted to many judges in these venues, including Judges Andrews, Stark, Noreika and Connolly in Delaware, as well as Judges Bumb, Cecchi, Chesler, McNulty, Sheridan and Shipp in New Jersey.

Given our experience and comfort level with post-trial filings in these Courts, Strut Legal is now offering special pricing for any patent-related post-trial filing. Simply let us know the estimated page count, and we will provide a not-to-exceed estimate.

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