eBriefs 2019 – You STILL Don’t Know What You’re Missing

Digital Legal Reports or e-Briefs

I heard this statement in a totally different context in 2013 and shortly thereafter wrote a blog about its application for our industry – “You don’t know what you’re missing until you know what you’re missing.”  More than five years later, even as hyperlinked briefs gain in popularity, this statement often still rings true.

In thinking about my favorite companies who epitomize this philosophy, I realized I never would have expected that having my car drive itself would be life-changing, until Tesla showed me. I’ll never drive another car. Similarly, my wife has had her life transformed by this little phrase, “Alexa, add [insert grocery item] to my shopping list.”  Clearly, we didn’t know what we were missing…

Fifteen years into this industry we still strongly believe eBriefs also fall into this category. While there remain many myths surrounding the tool — it’s too much work, we don’t have time, the Court isn’t asking for it — more firms (see our ever-growing client list!) are becoming committed to using eBriefs to put their best foot forward. An eBrief can be used on any key filing to outshine your opponent!

With every key cite in your brief being hyperlinked to the relevant material, it is hard to believe that anyone who uses the eBrief will not find it to be an invaluable tool. An added bonus, and a huge reason we do what we do – eBriefs are actually helping speed up the deluged court system!

EBrief creation is not new, but it still remains grossly underutilized. If you’re on the fence about giving it a try, talk to someone who has submitted or received one.  I venture they will tell you they didn’t know what they were missing until they knew what they were missing.