Choosing an eBrief Vendor

Hyperlinking itself isn’t really a difficult task. As a result, we hear all the time about companies who say they are able to create an eBrief. What these companies often don’t realize is that there is a very big difference between creating a link between two PDFs and providing a valuable service as well as a quality end product.

At the end of the day, an eBrief is basically a PDF linked to other PDFs. Unfortunately, creating something with this basic functionality is often passed off as an eBrief by some vendors. What they often don’t take into consideration are the “little” things that make an eBrief a true benefit to anyone reviewing the brief.

A few examples of the “little” things that add up to a big difference in quality:

  • Are you able to easily find the hyperlinks? A good eBrief will have some sort of designation as to what text is linked. It can be a box or an underline (which could be distracting to the reader). A better eBrief will have the text show as a different color (usually blue) so it reads like a webpage.
  • After you click on a link, can you easily get back to the source document? It can be frustrating for the reader to click on a link, read the cited material, then get stuck. A good eBrief will have some sort of navigation tool directing the reader back to where they left off.
  • Do the links take you to the cited page? When the reader clicks on a link, is the link going to the cited page or paragraph? Many exhibits and transcripts are lengthy, so a link that just directs the reader to the first page is not overly helpful. A well-constructed eBrief will link directly to the page or paragraph cited.

Now, what about the “big” things – How much will this cost and how long will it take? We have seen thousands of briefs in our 30+ years of experience, and we feel comfortable saying we’ve prepared an eBrief for just about every type of filing from Motions to Dismiss through appeal. Every now and then we do get a “wow, never seen that before,” but those are few and far between.

While we don’t use any proprietary tools, we have developed systems and perfected the use of certain softwares to make the process pretty quick (typically 24-36 hours) on our end and painless on yours. We pride ourselves in having a very simple cost structure and can provide extremely accurate price estimates based on your specifications. Since every filing is different and courts/arbitrators have different rules and requirements, the best way to get your questions answered is to contact us directly. We would be thrilled to talk with you and see if our service is the right fit for your firm.